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Tiny Homes, Granny Flats & You

How Bill 23 is Creating Opportunities for Homeowners

What is a Tiny Home?

According to the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing a tiny home is “a small, private and self contained dwelling unit with living and dining areas, with kitchen and bathroom facilities, with a sleeping area and is intended for year round use.” Tiny homes must comply with Ontario building codes and regulations so you can be assured that they are going to be just as sound as a traditional home.

1 Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Jan 30,2023.

3d render of tiny house

What is Bill 23?

Bill 23 is also known as Ontario’s new More Homes Built Faster Act (2022). As the name of the bill suggests, it includes measures to streamline the construction of new homes, but one of the oft overlooked benefits of the recently passed bill is the allowance of secondary dwelling units on one residential lot.

One of the main intents of this bill is to ease the burden on families trying to find affordable housing. It substantially reduces red tape required for homeowners to add additional living units on their property. Previously, homeowners wanting to add units had to wade through the tedious and complicated process of rezoning.

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Why Choose a Granny Flat?

Tiny Homes and Granny Flats provide more space for growing families while preserving a sense of independence and privacy for those who live there.

If you’re a parent of young adults living at home and are yearning to reclaim some of your space, you can now consider building a Tiny Home, Garden Suite or other secondary dwelling unit. For families interested in the many benefits of multi-generational living, or those who want to be with their aging parents and provide them with needed support, additions to add a granny flat are now possible. For those hoping to bring in some rental income to offset costs at home, opportunity abounds. Tiny homes make great rental properties, Airbnb or offices.

3d render of tiny house

Building Your Tiny Home with Gilbert Contracting & Renovations Ltd.

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At Gilbert Contracting and Renovations, we manage every step of the process. Our team can help you design your addition, have plans drawn up and take out permits. We’ll take care of every step from construction through finishing, and help you put on all the personal touches that make it feel like home.

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